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Cooking Made Fun and Efficient

About Herbtastic

Herbtastic is an easy to use kitchen tool that strips leaves from the stems of herbs and spices. Herbtastic is designed for cooking enthusiasts who love to season their meals with fresh herbs. 

D. Sackett

"I used this for the first time tonight while making homemade salsa. I used it to strip the leaves from the cilantro stems. It was so easy! For this price, a must-have kitchen gadget!"


R. Arroyo

"I use the Herbtastic all the time!  It has changed my relationship with cilantro!" 

B. Smyser

"I’m an amateur container gardener and use herbs when cooking. The only part I don’t like is the removing of the herbs from the stems. This Herb Stripper completely solved that problem. A very nice product indeed!"